The Peter Pan Project is a performance based on James M. Barrie’s “Peter Pan” .

It talks about all the things we bring from our parents, and all the lies we say to ourselves,

trying to get rid of the above.


Peter Pan, left far away from his parents,

when he heard them whisper over his tiny head,

what they want him to be when he would grow up.

They cried, but, when he returned,

they already had turned their head to someone else, to a new one.

Peter Pan realized that there is always someone to take your place.

He swore, never to come back.

But, not only he would come back often, but he would, also, take his parents with him.

To the Land, where he is a King.

To the Land that obeys to his rules.

To the Land where all children that run away

from the too tight or too loose mother hugs, go.

To the Land where no one grows up and the world Mother is forbidden.

To the Land where, either you kill, either you get killed.


“Dying must be an awesomely great adventure”, Peter says one day, and becomes one with his shadow.


The Peter Pan Project is a play written for and presented at the 3rd Eurotopiques Festival,

Tourcoing, France, on June 2012.

Playwright: Danai Tanidou, Eliza Alexandropoulou

Direction: Eliza Alexandropoulou

Dramaturgy: Aggi Kontou

Video art: Eirini Steirou

Assistant director: Kirki Karali

Original music: Vassilis Varvaressos

Photo credits: Aggi Kontou, Asteris Apostolidis, Eirini Steirou


Cast: Christos Tantalakis, Christina Mpirmpili- Karaleka, Dimitris Papadatos

Appearance in video: Anastasia Chatzara, Ilias Paraskevopoulos

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