TELEMACHOS: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Ballhaus Naunynstrasse, Berlin, January 2013

Onassis Cultural Centre, Athens, February 2013


Direction: Anestis Azas, ProdromosTsinikoris

Dramaturgy: Jens Hillje, Irina Szodruch

Stage and costume design: Lena Fay, Angela Konti

Lighting design: Eliza Alexandropoulou

Soundtrack: Giannis Tsoukalas

Video: Guillaume Cailleau, Benjamin Krieg, Hanna Slak

Production manager: Fabian Langer

Assistant director and dramaturg: Jana Vierheilig

Production assistant: Aliki Schäfer

Initiated by Shermin Langhoff

Photo credits: Benjamin Krieg (Ballhaus’ Naunynstrasse archive)


Sofia Anastasiadou, Knut Berger, Despina Bibika, Kostis Kallivretakis, Christos Sarafianos, Prodromos Tsinikoris, Giannis Tsoukalas

484212_521562681220978_570694087_n  8472827911_5fac3bfea9_b  8473904976_ed1ccee760_o  9607888662_37965ac429_b  9604670515_ae0ef25d22_h  9607911100_1f4651406a_h  9604719325_f161230011_h  9607898510_718305f1a7_h  ballhaus_pics (3)  ballhaus_pics (6)  9604720973_23b379c647_h

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